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Troubleshooter ( TV Mini Series)
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    Troubleshooter was a British reality television series, produced and shown by the BBC, focusing on experienced business leaders visiting and advising small and often struggling UK businesses.Launched in 1990 with Sir John Harvey-Jones MBE ex of ICI, the series ran successfully for five series. After the series won a BAFTA, Harvey-Jones decided that he didn't want to become a television personality, after one newspaper called him the "most famous industrialist since Isambard Kingdom Brunel."The greatest achievement of the Troubleshooter programmes was to make business management a popular discussion subject in the homes of millions of British people, and to provide a role model for people wanting to enter business.The series was revived a decade later in 2004 under the stewardship of Gerry Robinson, under the title I'll Show Them Who's Boss!' Για να δείς τη σειρά Troubleshooter online με ελληνικούς υπότιτλους επέλεξε μια σεζόν από τη λίστα πιο κάτω.




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