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  • Ημερομηνια Κυκλοφορίας: 2017-04-18
  • Σεζόν: 7
  • Σκηνοθετήθηκε από: N/A

Pretty Little Liars : Season 7 , Επεισόδιο 11 (S07E11)

star 7.7 / 10


Spencer focuses on learning more about her connection to Mary Drake, while Aria and Ezra figure out what their future may hold now that Nicole is back in the picture. Mona helps Hanna get her fashion career back on track, and Emily struggles to balance things between Ali and Paige now that the three of them are working at Rosewood High. Meanwhile, A.D. has a special delivery for the Liars, one that reveals the final endgame. Για να δεις το Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Εpisode 11 (S07E11) οnline με ελληνικόυς υπόλοιπους επέλεξε ένα από τα λίνκ πιο κάτω.

Προηγούμενο/Επόμενο Επεισόδιο:

Πληροφορίες της Σειράς

Περισσότερα Επεισόδια της Σεζόν 7 : 9
info_outline Για να δείς κάποιο άλλο επεισόδιο από αυτή τη Σεζόν, επέλεξε ένα από τη παρακάτω λίστα.

  • 1 Επεισόδιο 1

    After Hanna’s shocking abduction by “Uber A,” the PLLs and company desperately race against the clock to save one of their own...

    • link 14 Links
    • date_range 21 Ιουνίου 2016
  • 2 Επεισόδιο 2

    With the fallout of Hanna’s abduction still weighing heavily on the PLLs, the Liars begin to grow suspicious of Elliott Rollins as...

    • link 18 Links
    • date_range 28 Ιουνίου 2016
  • 3 Επεισόδιο 3

    Still reeling from the trauma of Hanna's abduction and dark fate, the Liars must shift their focus to another one of their...

    • link 13 Links
    • date_range 5 Ιουλίου 2016
  • 4 Επεισόδιο 4

    The PLLs desperately attempt to cover up their secret, and in turn, end up straining their relationships with their respective bed buddies by...

    • link 9 Links
    • date_range 12 Ιουλίου 2016
  • 5 Επεισόδιο 5

    Jenna returns to Rosewood and befriends another one of the Liars’ enemies, making her the PLL’s number one suspect for Uber A...

    • link 12 Links
    • date_range 19 Ιουλίου 2016
  • 6 Επεισόδιο 6

    The Rosewood P.D. begins to unravel the Liars’ cover-up, which leads them to question Rollins’ death altogether. Hanna deals with an...

    • link 13 Links
    • date_range 2 Αυγούστου 2016
  • 7 Επεισόδιο 7

    Jason returns to town to stop Ali from getting too close to Mary. The girls learn something new about Mary and Mrs. DiLaurentis...

    • link 13 Links
    • date_range 9 Αυγούστου 2016
  • 8 Επεισόδιο 8

    Emily goes up for a position as the Rosewood High swim coach, only to learn that her ex-girlfriend Paige is also up...

    • link 12 Links
    • date_range 16 Αυγούστου 2016
  • 9 Επεισόδιο 9

    One of the PLLs goes rogue to prove that Noel Kahn is Uber A, while the others try to find evidence to back...

    • link 12 Links
    • date_range 23 Αυγούστου 2016
  • 10 Επεισόδιο 10

    The Liars face off with their enemies in a chaotic fight that ends fatally. One of the PLLs learns a secret about her...

    • link 11 Links
    • date_range 30 Αυγούστου 2016
  • 13 Hold Your Piece

    Hanna is sure Jenna is to blame for a recent professional setback and is forced to bring Caleb up to speed on current...

    • link 0 Links
    • date_range 2 Μαΐου 2017